【Natural Vit.E Powder food】

Natural Vitamin E ( food stuff ) Powder

  • Using highly active VE extracted from vegetable oil as raw material. Micro-capsulated Natural Vitamin E is former by utilizing Chinese most advanced micro-capsulate technology and spray-drying, micro-capsulated Vitamin E can disperse homogeneously in cold water and form emulsion, which result in higher biological activity, high absorbility and more safety Micro-capsulated Vitamin E is a new product in Vitamin E family and extends application fields Vitamin E.
  • Micro-capsulated Natural Vitamin E is suitable to be used as antioxidant and natural reinforce, which not only keeps intrinsic properties and of natural vitamin E, but also remedies the deficiencies that ordinary oil-soluble in water. For example, Micro-capsulated Natural Vitamin E 30%, 40% ( food stuff ) can be added into solid beverages, fruit juice, milk power, oatmeal, sweets, biscuit, convenient noodle, sucking tablets etc.
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Natural Vitamin E ( food stuff ) Powder

  • Technical Data:




Light- yellow powder

Total VE        %

> = 30, 40

> = 80

Water content       %

> = 5

Package: 30kg / cardboard drum ( with two layers PE liner) .  
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