【Sodium ascorbate】



Introduction】 : VC-NA is shorten form of sodium ascorbate .It can supply Vitamin C in Pharmaceutical field and can be used as antioxidant to prevent food and beverage from changing color and taste .VC-NA is an ideal preparation .1 g of VC-NA is equal to 0.88g of VC.



Physical Characteristic】 : Colourless crystals or white to pale yellow crystalline power, little sour , decomposable temperature :218.c.

Application】 : It is widely used in ham and sausage , and keep cake fresh and prevent moon cake from mould .When adding to the cosmetic , it can resist wrinkle , senescence ,and make the skin fair. The product has the double functions in supplying Vitamin C and strengthening the ability of absorbing Calcium .
   Package: net weight 25 kg cardboard cartons/ drums lined with a layer of aluminum foil bag and a layer of plastic bags.( or as customers' requirements )

Package】 : net weight 25kg packed with a layer of foil bag and a layer of plastic bag .And we can supply as the customers' requirements.

Storage 】 : In tightly sealed containers, free from contact with metal and protected from light. Avoid exposure to high temperature and humidity.

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