【Calcium ascorbate】

Calcium Ascorbate(VcCa )and Its Directly-compression granule

Calcium ascorbate, in short form Vc-Ca, widely used in pharmaceutical, food and feed, can not change the original taste of food. it can keep the activity of Vc with the function of replenishing calcium(easy to be absorbed).

The quality of Vc-Ca produced  is in conformity with the whole requirements of USP24/CP/FCCIV.

Vc-Ca directly-comperssion granule is processed with Vc-Ca .



[Main Ingredient]

Vc-Ca contains over 99% of calcium ascorbate. Vc-Ca directly-compression granule is made of a certain proportion of calcium ascorbate hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and other excipients.

[Uses and Effects]

It is mainly used in medicine, food and feed. It can be use in pressing oral and chewing tablets directly and can be used for presing vitamin complex and complex tablets of vitamin and mineral substance.

[Package and Storage]

Carton: net weight of 25 kg Fiber drum: net weight of 25 kg Store in sealed containers and keep away from light



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